Young First Rounder Shares Horrific Abuse He Endured in San Jose

Published July 17, 2023 at 5:01 PM

A young first-round pick has shared the horror stories of abuse he received in San Jose with the Sharks affiliate organization.

Kaut Shares Abuse

Last year, the San Jose Sharks traded for Martin Kaut with the hopes of him becoming a player for them. Kaut, the 16th pick of the 2018 draft, is a toolsy playmaking winger who should be a full-time NHLer.

However, after being traded to the Sharks, he split time between the Sharks and the San Jose Barracuda. With the Sharks, he scored 5 points in 9 games, and with the Barracuda he scored 14 points in 19 games.

In a recent interview, Kaut revealed why he left the NHL to play for HC Dynamo Pardubice of the Czech League.

Reporter: "Did they force you into fights in the AHL?"

Kaut: "One of the coaches used to pick an opponent for me before every game, and I was supposed to fight with them. I remember once he pointed at Adam Klapka. Oh man, that guy weighs a hundred kilos, he's two meters tall, and I'm supposed to take him on? And a Czech player too? No way."

Reporter: "What did the coach say when you refused?"

Kaut: "He said that's why I'm not playing in the NHL. I had three concussions and injured my shoulder twice. If I fought with the guys he picked for me, I would have gotten hurt even more. He still forced me into fights, and it really bothered me. I believe in fighting for a good reason, not just for the sake of it! When the game gets intense or when you defend your teammates, it's a different story. But fighting someone just because? I'm supposed to be on the ice to score goals."

Unacceptable Behavior

This type of treatment of any player is unacceptable. Understandably, it is the minors and the coaches want to see the players impress but there needs to be some awareness.

Kaut is understandably worried for his health and to refuse to fight a fellow countryman is reasonable. The coaches then followed this up with more abuse where they would tell him he is not in the NHL because he refuses to fight.

While Kaut did impress at the NHL level, he decided it was in his best interest to leave for his home nation.

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Young First Rounder Shares Horrific Abuse He Endured in San Jose

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