Video Showing Recent NHL Signing Fighting Off Ice Emerges

Published July 23, 2023 at 3:36 PM

Fight Off-Ice

The Seattle Kraken made franchise history earlier this week signing Vince Dunn to the highest deal in Kraken history.

After signing the deal a video of Dunn fighting another player in the tunnel has surfaced when he was a member of the Chicago Wolves in the AHL.

The video shows Kurtis Gabriel going after Vince Dunn in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms, Gabriel is known to be the tough guy on any team that he joins but was no match for the Ontario-born defenseman.

Kraken's Largest Deal

26-year-old Vince Dunn signed a 4-year $29.4 million dollar deal that will pay him an annual cap hit of $7.35 million per season.

Dunn has spent the last two seasons with the newly formed Seattle Kraken getting better and better every season with this last season being his best in his career so far.

In 81 games this past season Dunn collected an impressive 64 points and established himself as the number 1 defenseman on a young, exciting Kraken team.


The former second round pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft has already made history with the Kraken before as he was the first Kraken player to score on home ice.

It is likely that Matty Berniers' contract will eventually exceed that cap hit but for right now Dunn is the highest paid player in Kraken history.

As Seen on Blade of Steel - Footage of recently signed NHLer knocking someone out in the tunnel surfaces
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Video Showing Recent NHL Signing Fighting Off Ice Emerges

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