Two NHL stars being heavily criticised for not representing their Country

Published May 7, 2022 at 4:56 PM
Both Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield were invited to represent their respective countries at the up coming World Hockey Championships, but they decided to decline the invite in favour to focus and work on their game for the Montreal Canadiens next season, a move Habs General Manager Kent Hughes appreciated saying:

"They chose to put the Montreal Canadiens needs above all else a move we support 100%."


However the media has the taken a different opinion on the move and criticised both Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield for their decision. Specifically TVA Sports's Michel Bergeron who publicly went off last night on his "San Filet segment over their decision.


"Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield were indeed invited to represent their country for the tournament in mid-May, but they declined the invitation. The first one wants to rest in order to heal a small back injury that he has been suffering for a while, while the second one wants to focus on his preparation for the next season. This is a serious mistake.
I am stunned. When I heard that, I told myself it was impossible. To have the chance to be with veterans, to learn, to be employed on special units . I do not understand this decision at all."

Michel Bergeron would also would take the opportunity to criticise Montreal Canadiens who approved this decision saying:

"No one in Habs management dares to get involved in this matter and the decision is left to the two kids. There's no good reason not to go. It's a bad decision!"

Check out the the full segment right here: ⬇️

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Two NHL stars being heavily criticised for not representing their Country

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