The Sens Reset?

Published November 21, 2021 at 12:17

2021 season for the Sens can be labeled as disappointing so far from blowing leads to hard fought one goal losses. I believe this early season reset can be good for the Sens and their mental state by taking a step back to look ahead to what they need to do going forward which includes coaching staff.

Lassi Thomson has been a great addition for the blue line with all the older players on the core out with Covid, which he has really been a bright spot for the future. Egor Sokolov has been disappointing but I feel like he has been told by DJ Smith to just drive the net and use his big frame there. Sokolov is more known for his quick/hard release of the puck and by having him just continuously just drive the net, we don't put his skill set to use.

Tim Stutzle my 100 lbs. hero has hopefully taken the monkey off of his back and will start putting up
some goals. Timmy hasn't suffered from a lack of opportunities but a lack of puck luck I would classify it as. Now that he has popped his cherry let's hope the flood gates have opened!

If Ottawa wants to find success, we need to figure out our bottom 4 D pair and put up a full 60 minute game of effort. We will continue to have growing pains over the next year or so but our future is looking very bright!
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