Marc Bergevin: Saying all the Right Things

Published November 20, 2021 at 11:44 PM

Marc Bergevin had an interview with Sportsnet this morning (Link to interview at bottom of article), and just like everyone else in the Canadiens organization, he seems to say all the right things. That is all well and good, but just talking doesn't amount to all that much. He went on about how it is still early in the season, how he isn't managing to lose, and how unpredictable the draft can be. That last one is actually pretty funny, and likely nails on a chalkboard to Habs fans. Here is what he said about the draft:

"Yeah, but I'm not going to manage to have the team get the best draft picks. The draft is (unpredictable)—you could look through past drafts where the first pick overall is not as good as the fourth pick overall. That's the business we're in. Unless there's a Sidney Crosby or Connor McDavid, which there's some probably every 10 years, you don't manage that way."

Given the draft history of the Habs during the Bergevin era, that viewpoint is no surprise. I think many Habs fans are looking at the stats page of Shane Wright and thinking a wasted year is worth it. He could slot in really well ahead of Nick Suzuki (eventually).

With the likelihood of a playoff position mostly gone, why wouldn't you play to lose and potentially grab a player of that caliber? I know the players on the roster won't intentionally lose, people who make it to the NHL can't do that, but as a manager it is possible. The Habs GM could move on from some of his older players to almost ensure this team goes to the bottom. I personally think that would be the best move for the team, however Bergevin doesn't seem to agree. When asked what is currently best for the team he said this:

"Obviously, it's winning hockey games and playing as a team. If I make one move to make one change, unless everyone else picks it up, it's not going to make a difference. It's well known that just making trades to make trades—especially with our situation with the cap—it just makes no sense to make a lateral move just to make a lateral move. If you'd like to make a move, it's to make a move to make your team better. Just making a move to make a move, I'm never going to do that just to say I made a trade and here we go."

That doesn't really sound like someone who wants to make trades

Many people think the season is over, but not Marc:

"And we don't even have 20 games played, so there's a lot of hockey in front of us. We have to play better."

He is definitely implying that the team can bounce back and do some damage. All this sounds like someone who believes in this squad. Maybe he does, he did after all spend a decade building to this point. But like I said earlier, talk doesn't amount to much. Saying the right thing to the media doesn't necessarily mean that is truly what he is thinking. With Weber gone, and a huge question mark with Price, how can anyone actually believe the best thing for the team overall is to be winning games, and move up the standings? Looking at the talent in the next 2 drafts, is there really a big gamble by having high picks? And at 20 games only having 10 points (if they lose to Nashville tonight) out of a possible 40, makes the playoffs a distant dream. With all that, how can he truly believe what he is saying? I don't

think he does, I think he is playing the game and we will see changes come. Hopefully they are sellers and the Habs move on from a core that has been very underwhelming.

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