The NHL Proves It Is Not Doing Enough For Player Safety After The Adam Johnson Tragedy

Published December 3, 2023 at 12:39

The NHL is always looking to become safer as a league but due to some production issues, players are now being forced to look elsewhere for neck protection.

Bonino Forced To Get Neck Guard Off Of Amazon

Since the Adam Johnson tragedy in late October, the NHL has been mourning his loss and looking to prevent another in that nature. This has led to players beginning to wear neck protection and while not every player does so yet, many have begun to wear them.

However, these players who have begun to wear neck guards are not getting them at a fast enough rate. Rangers forward Nick Bonino was forced to get a neck guard off Amazon after the one he ordered via the NHL did not come in fast enough.

Bonino said he actually tried to order an undershirt with built-in neck protector from NHL suppliers the day after the Johnson incident, but hasn't received it. That's why he went through Amazon.

Bonino has been playing with the one he ordered off Amazon but given how the initial incident was over a month ago and Bonino's order likely came in a few days later, it is concerning how the league has yet to fulfill this order.

The NHL Takes Steps To Improve Player Safety

While the NHL is taking a long time to deliver these new neck guards, it is still looking to make the game as safe as possible. Gary Bettman shared that he wanted most if not all players to wear neck guards.

Gary Bettman says he would "strongly encourage" players to wear cut-proof neck protection, but acknowledges that the NHL must work with the NHLPA before making any mandatory equipment changes.

While nothing is set in stone yet, there is a solid chance that the NHL will wind up mandating neck protection for the 2024-25 season or just a bit after.

As seen on Blade of Steel - NHL player forced to buy his own equipment on Amazon after supply issue
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The NHL Proves It Is Not Doing Enough For Player Safety After The Adam Johnson Tragedy

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