The Mo Must Go - Matthews hits his donation goal

Published November 22, 2021 at 11:17

Auston Matthews is a big believer in men's health and wellness and because of that he continues to so his part to help contribute. For the second year in a row Auston Matthews has put his mustache on the line in exchange for a $134,000 in donations to charity.

«Supporting men's health and wellness initiatives is important to me and Movember does a great job bringing awareness and funding key programs throughout the year,» said Matthews. «I am proud to partner again with Movember this month to raise funds and awareness alongside them.»

Well good news for Movember and anyone who wasn't a fan of Matthews' Mo because it's time for it to go! Matthews has exceeded his $134,000 goal and will officially be shaving off his mustache! That means one-year of Auston Matthews being mustache free for anyone who is keeping score!

Great work Auston, but the MO MUST GO!
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