Suspension Incoming After Vicious Slash After The Whistle

Published December 1, 2023 at 11:23

A suspension could be incoming today after this vicious slash was delivered by Brendan Smith on Travis Konecny.

Department of Player Safety to Hold Hearing for Smith After Vicious Slash

During last night's Devils versus Flyers game, Brendan Smith delivered a pretty dirty slash on Travis Konecny after the whistle. The slash was in retaliation to a Konecny crosscheck and was a full swing motion.

The department of player safety immediately announced that they would hold a hearing for Smith.

New Jersey's Brendan Smith will have a hearing Friday for slashing Philadelphia's Travis Konecny.

Here is the video of the incident if you missed it. You can clearly see that the slash comes from almost an overhead motion.


Department of Player Safety Inconsistent with Slashes Like This

The Department of Player Safety has been widely criticized for its punishments for slashes, specifically for Jacob Trouba's slash on Trent Frederic, where a similar slash, but to the head, only landed a $5,000 fine.

NY Rangers' Jacob Trouba has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for High-sticking Boston's Trent Frederic.

$5K fine for this Jacob Trouba slash to Trent Frederic's head is absolutely ridiculous

We will see how the Department chooses to punish Smith for his slash.
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Suspension Incoming After Vicious Slash After The Whistle

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