Shane Wright's Next Team Revealed by Elliotte Friedman

Published September 8, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Last season, Shane Wright was selected as the fourth overall pick by the Seattle Kraken, stirring much debate about his potential in the league.

Now, as he steps into his D+2 season, securing a spot in the NHL remains uncertain. Due to the current CHL/NHL agreement, his eligibility for AHL play is compromised, posing a significant dilemma.

Wright's Potential AHL Exemption

However, there seems to be a silver lining for both Wright and the Kraken. Reports indicate that the CHL is inclined to grant him an exemption to join the AHL.

This move would prevent him from occupying a slot that could be filled by younger players and offers him an excellent opportunity to thrive in Coachella Valley.

"The consensus is that, should Wright not secure a position with the Kraken, returning to the CHL would not be the best move. Instead, the AHL seems to be the agreed upon destination," stated Friedman."

While this trajectory wasn't what was hoped for by the Kraken for Wright in the aftermath of his draft, this is the current situation.

The upcoming season stands as a pivotal point in Wright's career, with much riding on his performance. It's undeniably a 'do or die' year for him.

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Shane Wright's Next Team Revealed by Elliotte Friedman

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