Real reason why Barry Trotz was fired is revealed - you wont believe it!

Published May 9, 2022 at 10:56 PM
We are still in a state of shock after New York Islanders head coach Barry Trotz was unexpectedly fired by the New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello who wouldn't give an exact reason why. According to Hockey insider Nick Kypreos he shared it's believe to be a rift between Trotz and New York Islanders Star player Matt Barzal.

Kypreos indicated back in February if it came down to choosing between Trotz and Barzal, the Islanders would choose Barzal. After some heat behind the scenes between player and coach, it never usually end well, with either one being traded or coach fired. In this case Lou Lamoriello sided with Matt Barzal.

"Lou Lamoriello had a tough business decision to make when it came to the New York Islanders' staff. Instead of choosing to move their 2nd line Center, Lamoriello decided to move on from the coach who brought them to a competitive level 2 years in a row."
-Nick Kypreos

Which according to Lou Lamoriello the team needed a new voice meaning they lost faith in Barry Trotz.

«I believe this group of players needs a new voice, this is not negative on Barry Trotz. He is a tremendous human being.»

Barry Trotz came to the New York Islanders after winning the Stanley cup with the Washington Capitals in 2018, he lead the Islander to game 7 of the Semi finals last season losing 1-0 in game 7 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

"No, the fault lies in the front office, where Emperor Palpatine cosplayer Lou Lamoriello lives. The Islanders have either refused to bring in more talent, or let the talent they have on hand simply walk. Devon Toews, who has produced 57 points from the blue line for the Avs this year, was thrown overboard for cap reasons. Jordan Eberle was parachuted to Seattle. And Lou has failed to replace either.

The Islanders shelter a team of 4th liners who were elevated by Barry's famous Trap and while Barzal is one of the biggest producers on the Isles with 59 points in 2021-2022, it isn't saying much. Given all the Isles have experienced this year, with the team coming down with SARS-COV2 and being 16 points out of a playoff spot, it feels like GM malpractice to march him out."
- Nick Kypreos
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Real reason why Barry Trotz was fired is revealed - you wont believe it!

Who should Lou sided with

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