REPORT: Vancouver Canucks may BREAK 'unwritten' TRADE rule

Published February 24, 2023 at 6:45 PM
The Vancouver Canucks' season has been marred by controversy, with the prolonged firing of Bruce Boudreau leaving a sour taste for hockey fans. Now, rumors suggest the team may break an unwritten NHL rule by attempting to trade JT Miller and his expensive contract.

In September, the Canucks signed Miller to a 7-year, $56,000,000 contract, seemingly securing his future in Vancouver. However, the team's desperate need for salary cap space has led to talks of trading Miller.

Canucks "desperate" for flexibility on their cap. His NTC kicks in on July 1st. Team is open to anything, "there's been enough conversations internally in front offices about him that you can't close the door that he gets traded." #Canucks    #NHL #NHLTradeDeadline

It was expected that Miller's contract would include trade protection until this year, a common practice in the NHL. Miller's new deal includes a full no movement clause, but his current deal he is on doesn't.

Traditionally, NHL teams avoid trading players before their new contracts take effect, unless the player explicitly desires a trade. It remains to be seen whether the Canucks will uphold their agreement with Miller or prioritize the team's interests by trading him.
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REPORT: Vancouver Canucks may BREAK 'unwritten' TRADE rule

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