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REPORT: Shane Wright is NOT the only one UNHAPPY with his situation in Seattle

Published November 1, 2022 at 12:08

Seattle Kraken drafted what could possibly be the steal of the 2022 National Hockey League Entry Draft, when projected 1st overall pick Shane Wright fell into their lap at the 4th selection.

It was looking like the Kraken were going to have 2 rookies center their top 2 lines this year in Matty Beniers and Shane Wright, but Wright has only been played in 5 games this season and was a healthy scratch for the other 5, and what makes matters worse is in those 5 games he averaged less than 7 minutes per game.

Rumours have begun to spread about him having a bad attitude and that could be the reason for his drop in the draft, or being the reason he isn't getting playing time this season, but one thing is for certain, if the Kraken are not going to play the kid, why keep him on the roster?

Many believed that the Kraken intend to send him back to juniors after his 9 game tryout, but according to their GM, that isn't the case at all, he intends on keeping him with the team.

A highly skilled player and top prospect like Shane Wright should be either getting middle 6 minutes in the National Hockey League, or send him back to juniors where he can develop further. The lack of playing time is just hurting his development, and apparently Wright isn't the only one upset:

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REPORT: Shane Wright is NOT the only one UNHAPPY with his situation in Seattle

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