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REPORT: REAL reason Johnny Gaudreau left Calgary is REVEALED - it's not good

Published November 28, 2022 at 11:32 PM

Johnny Gaudreau was the big prize available in free agency this past offseason, after scoring 115 point last season.

Gaudreau ended up signing a 7 year deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets with an AAV of $9.75 million, after apparently turning down $10.5 million to remain with the Calgary Flames.

The popular Instagram page Puckempire posted a quote today by Johnny Gaudreau's parents and it sounds like Flames are to blame for this star player leaving Calgary:

Johnny Gaudreau's parents say that he was willing to sign an eight-year extension with the Flames back in 2021, had the team given him an offer even remotely close to what he wanted, but they gave him an offer that left him "embarrassed."

They both said that Gaudreau didn't decide to test the free agent market until the night of free agency, and that even when free agency opened up, returning to Calgary was still an option for him."

Gaudreau has taken a lot of flack from fans for his decision to leave. It's hard to see a star player leave a team and receive nothing in return, but it's definitely hard for a player too to leave a team that drafted and developed him. But from the sounds of it, he would have stayed if they just offered him what he felt he deserved.
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REPORT: REAL reason Johnny Gaudreau left Calgary is REVEALED - it's not good

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