REPORT: NHL BANNED in Czechia unless Bettman is FIRED

Published October 10, 2022 at 9:40 PM

Since the Russian army invaded Ukraine back in February, Dominik Hasek, a former superstar, hall of fame goaltender, has been adamant that the National Hockey League should suspend all Russian hockey players from playing in the NHL.

Hasek has made quite a few lengthy public comments regarding this matter, he has made statements to the league demanding them to suspend the players, and then statements pleading with the Russian players to just not play.

Last week the Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks played two games in the Prague, Czechia for the 'Global Series' games, and despite the country stating they would prefer Russian players not attend, both teams claimed that if their players could not play, they'd refuse to play.

The San Jose Sharks brought forward Evgeny Svechnikov, and the Nashville Predators brought Yakov Trenin.

Now according to Hasek, the National Hockey League is no longer welcome in Czechia.

During the weekend 2 @NHL games were played in Prague. The leadership of the NHL did not respect the position of our MFA that Russian players should not play. Until the current leaders of the NHL resign and the new apologize to our country, the NHL is no longer welcome in the CR

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REPORT: NHL BANNED in Czechia unless Bettman is FIRED

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