REPORT: Former classmate speaks out in the defence of Mitchell Miller - MUST READ

Published November 16, 2022 at 9:46 PM

When Mitchell Miller signed with the Boston Bruins he immediately became the target of the hockey world. The majority of hockey fans were opposed to the signing and ultimately the Bruins decided to void their deal and try to terminate the contract. The only problem is that by league by-laws they're unable to void his deal.

Everyone has an opinion on the Miller situation and now someone who knows Miller personally has come forward to share their opinion of him.

I am an African/American student who went to middle school with Mitchell Miller in 8th grade. I'm not here to defend bullying or racism or any of that. What happened was unacceptable. I know Mitchell has tried to make this right so many times. He is not the same person he used to be in 8th grade. I don't think someone's life should be determined by something that happened at 14. Mitchell did everything that the courts have told him to do and has done his time. He has made a real effort to change as well, he invites me to golf with him and to skate every summer. He checks up on me and we talk. He is sincerely remorseful for what happened. I do find it embarrassing that Joni Meyer-Crothers claims to be a Christian but refuses to forgive Mitchell. Mitchell wants to make this right and move on but time after time she refuses to let that happen. When does this end? When can he live his life again? A private apology, a meeting with the family? What is it going to take? Mitchell has apologized many times to Joni and her family and she refuses to accept it. What does she really want out of this is my personal question now?

This is one of the first time we've seen another perspective on the signing of Mitchell Miller, now what the hockey world needs to decide is, does he deserve another chance?

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REPORT: Former classmate speaks out in the defence of Mitchell Miller - MUST READ

Does Miller deserve a second chance?

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