REPORT: Detroit Red Wings coach CALLS-OUT NHL for ''Broken System''

Published December 20, 2022 at 3:30 PM
Last night the Washington Capitals were hosting the Detroit Red Wings in what finished as a 4-3 overtime win for the Capitals.

The Red Wings were up 2-0 in the second period, before the Capitals scored two goals, both by Nic Dowd in 11 seconds to tie the game. But there was a little bit of controversy on the second goal as when the Capitals dumped the puck into the zone, goaltender Ville Husso believed the puck went out of play into the netting, which shortly after resulted in a tip-in for Nic Dowd.

After the goal, the Capitals coaching staff and fans were going nuts as the referee's were giving Lalonde and the Red Wings way too much time to review the play to deem if they wanted to challenge the play or not, and after what seemed like forever, the play finally resumed, and was a good goal.

In the post game interview, Lalonde mentioned that he believes the NHL's review system is "broken:"

(Husso) said it hit the netting, He was adamant it hit the netting. It hit the netting. It's just unfortunate, probably a flaw in the system. Our guys know it hit the netting. Ville's 100% adamant it hit the netting. But they're not giving us a feed. They keep replaying the goal, so it's really frustrating. It's a flawed system. I don't know what we're trying to do here. They kept doing it back and you could see it go over the glass and common sense is it hit the netting. We ran into a situation last year in the playoffs against Florida where you knew it hit the netting but nobody could see it. Ultimately they made the call it hit the netting. It's inconclusive.

I think even the ref knew it hit the netting, That's why he gave us as much time as he did. But it's inconclusive. It is what it is. It's frustrating because it went against us tonight, but the fact that our goalie is adamant it hit the netting, our guys are adamant it hit the netting but we don't get a feed from it? It's a broken system. It is what it is."
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REPORT: Detroit Red Wings coach CALLS-OUT NHL for ''Broken System''

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