Paul Bissonette Reveals His Frustrations With The Corey Perry Situation

Published December 7, 2023 at 6:43 PM

After the Chicago Blackhawks terminated the contract of Corey Perry, many fans and analyst has showed their feelings towards the situation and now Bissonnette has just showed his frustrations.

Bissonnette Reveals His Frustrations With The Perry Contract Termination

When the whole situation started to go down many trolls on the internet began spreading rumors that Perry was engaging in a relationship with the Blackhawks superstar rookie, Connor Bedard's mother.

The rumors were shut down by the Blackhawks association, however the effects have been seen in the Bedard family with Connor releasing this statement when being asked about the rumors.


»It's just a bunch of B.S. on the internet. It's, of course, been an effect on myself and my family, and that's not fair. But it's out of our control. It's all just fake, made-up stuff,» Bedard said.

Many sensible fans knew the rumors were false however the rest of the fans took it to a new level and continued the rumors well after the association shutting them down.

NHL Analyst Paul Bissonnette has voiced his frustrations with the fans that choose to spread these false rumors.

»There were a lot of people out there online who f***ing tweeting this nonsense,» he said.

»I was very let down with all these f***ing idiots on Twitter. Now, most of you would be like, 'What do you expect from these f***ing idiots out there all the time, just trying to stir it up?' And I was f***ing disgusted by what happened.

Bissonette sided with the young superstar, expressing his feelings that this was too personal towards the rookie.

»I think that with what this kid already had to deal with, coming in with all this f***ing pressure on him, and then going through that media circus early on. And then to put the next star in the league through this type of sh*t, like you're not a hockey fan, in my opinion, if you're going on there, slinging it like that.

Bissonnette Continued

»This is this guy's personal life. So, as far as Connor Bedard handled it, and the way that his f***ing family had to deal with this, like he handled it with ultra class. And they've obviously raised a very intelligent kid, and a kid that couldn't have handled himself more appropriately during this f***ing bullsh*it time that he had to deal with.»

What We Know About the Perry Situation

There is very little to be known with the whole situation that saw Perry get terminated.

We know it was not a criminal offence, all speculations believe Perry got drunk and did something to a Blackhawks staff member before the Columbus game. Even that is still not confirmed.

Perry has since begun to take measures to get help for his mental health and alcohol abuse.
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Paul Bissonette Reveals His Frustrations With The Corey Perry Situation

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