Parros continues to make an enemy of New York

Published November 27, 2021 at 8:25 PM

To say the Rangers and their players are not a fan of the NHL Department of Player Safety would be an understatement and it appears things continue to deteriorate even more.

Today the NHL announced a $5,000 fine for Artemi Panarin for throwing his glove at Brad Marchand and slowly this afternoon information began to leak as to what was the catalyst of that situation.

Artemi Panarin shared the following information about the incident:

"It's not honest!" - When asked about the fine.

"It's important to think that I didn't start it. I didn't say good things about him, too, but I think when you touch country, it's different. Probably all Russians would want to defend their country."

It appears as though in Panarin's mind both players were at fault but to end his interview Panarin left us with this gem of a quote.

"I lost 5K. But thanks to the old general manager for $11.6 (million). I'm good."

This is just another layer to the saga that began last season between the Rangers ownership/players and the DOPS and Georges Parros and if it hasn't reached a boiling point yet it likely will very soon.
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