PK Subban Shares Insane Rule Put In Place While He Played For Team Canada

Published December 8, 2023 at 11:21 PM

PK Subban is known for being one of the bigger personalities within hockey over the last decade. Recently he spoke about a rule put in place to cage his personality while playing for Canada at the Olympics.

Subban Rips Team Canada For Insane Rule

During his time with Team Canada preparing for the Olympics, PK Subban was allegedly approached by management and told he was not allowed to be flashy or celebrate.

CBCGEM- In the NHL, P.K. Subban was blasted for his showy style on the ice, and told that he couldn't celebrate scoring goals if he was going to play for Team Canada.

A lifelong Canadian, P.K. was told "it wasn't how Canadians were supposed to conduct themselves."

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For anyone who knows how Subban played flash and celebrations were a key part of what made him the player he was. While it is not surprising that hockey executives would not want a player to show flash or celebration it is disappointing.

Subban Uses His Platform To Encourage Flash And Celebrations

Now that PK Subban's career on the ice has come to an end he has transitioned to television. For a person with as big of a personality as Subban, it was a perfect fit.

Now he is using his platform to promote and celebrate celebrations and flashy plays. This was put on display when Subban recently broke down and interviewed Jake Walman after he did the popular griddy celebration.

#RedWings Jake Walman breaks down his griddy 🕺🏻🕺🏻

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Subban has always been and will always be a person and player who enjoys the moment while playing and being around hockey. He will continue to promote fun and flash within the game of hockey as long as he has a voice to do so.

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PK Subban Shares Insane Rule Put In Place While He Played For Team Canada

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