New Details Emerge Surrounding Mike Babcock's Resignation

Published September 17, 2023 at 8:22 PM

The last couple days has been a whirlwind for the Columbus Blue Jackets organization, and after news that Mike Babcock resigning got released, there will likely be no shortage of media attention in the days to come.

Mike Babcock is on the hot seat

Babcock, the now former coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, has always coached in an unusual manner. It is now apparent that he has taken his power too far. New reports show that he abused his power and subjected the players of the Blue Jackets to an uncomfortable situation by restricting their privacy.

Mike Babcock went through young Blue Jackets players phones for ‘several minutes', away from any team facility and without management's knowledge.

The players privately expressed their discomfort afterwards. Babcock analyzed their photos, scrolling through several different apps and messages for quite some time.

In his initial statement, Babcock said it was voluntary but it is now widely reported that it was not, and players took turns getting their phones examined by him.

Babcock stepped down as head coach today.

(Via Elliotte Friedman)

After all of the rumblings over the past couple days, the Blue Jackets decided that enough was enough and that they had to move on.


The initial hiring of Babcock was always questionable

It will be interesting to see what other news will get released within the next couple of days. What we know for certain is that Babcock has proven that it was always a risk in having him helm a young up-and-coming franchise. You would have to think that Babcock's chances of finding another NHL team to coach will be limited after this series of invasive practices.

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New Details Emerge Surrounding Mike Babcock's Resignation

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