Nazem Kadri's Foundation gets an absolutely DISGUSTING message

Published May 25, 2022 at 10:30 PM
It's sad to see that in 2022 there is still racism in this world. Ever since the unfortunate incident where Nazem Kadri crashed into Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington Injuring him, Kadri's been receiving hateful racist comments.

Nazem Kadri and his wife have shown many of the messages he's received and it's truly disgusting. It gets even worse, Kadri revealed today someone sent racist and hateful messages to the Nazem Kadri Foundation.

Kadri revealed the following message on their Instagram account this afternoon.

"We continue to receive many hurtful msgs like the one sent today to a Kadri family member with small children. As we mourn the tragedy in Texas, a reminder that it's you, the kind ppl who have sent well wishes and donated who are the majority & what being a good person really is!"

This message comes less than 24-hours after the terrible shooting that happened at a Texas public school that ended with 19 dead including children and a teacher trying to defend his students.

The Nazem Kadri Foundation is a champion for Mental Health and focuses on both the mental health struggles of adults and children.

The Kadri's also donate each year to London Health Science Center. They donate gifts to the Children who have to spend their Christmas in Hospital and the Kadri's also donate to provide London Ontario Children with underprivileged children to provide kids with hockey equipment.

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Nazem Kadri's Foundation gets an absolutely DISGUSTING message

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