NHL makes official announcement about Auston Matthews

Published March 14, 2022 at 0:53

During the Heritage Classic Game, Maple Leafs' forward Auston Matthews lost his cool and he retaliated towards Rasmus Dahlin's crosscheck with a crosscheck of his own. But, the problem Matthews' crosscheck targeted the head and neck area.

The NHL was very quick to announce that Auston Matthews will be facing a supplemental discipline hearing tomorrow for his actions. Similar actions over the past year have resulted in a $5,000 fine or no punishment at all so it was be interesting to see how this is treated.

Matthews has no history of disciplinary issues with the league and because of that he will be treated as a first time offender. Matthews currently sits 1st overall in the league with 45 goals and any suspension will make holding that crown much tougher.
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NHL makes official announcement about Auston Matthews

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