NHL accused of 'rigging' games to help Connor McDavid

Published May 29, 2022 at 4:22 PM
There's been times fans have either joked or lashed out claiming the NHL is rigged but you hope that's not the case. However there's news of accusations against the National Hockey League accusing them of rigging games including game 5 of the Calgary Flames vs Edmonton Oilers to help Connor McDavid and Oilers advance.

The Oilers took the series over the Flames however that win did not come without controversy. Many pointing to a call made by the officials to overturn Blake Coleman's goal.

Recently "Deadspin" published an article with the headline
Is the NHL now rigging games for Connor McDavid?
which is followed by a subhead that reads
"After last night's Oilers win, it sure seems that way."

The article and Deadspin have no evidence to make a claim like this.

According to NHL insider Frank Seravalli, it was this replay in particular that sold the kick to NHL officials.

Seravalli acknowledges
that there's plenty of debate to be had about the call, and that has certainly been the case judging by the fallout surrounding Game 5."

The Oilers will now face the Avalanche in the Western Conference Finals that's guaranteed to bring in huge interest from fans and TV attention which means ..... more money!
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NHL accused of 'rigging' games to help Connor McDavid

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