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NHL Officially Allowed to Withdraw from Olympics

Published November 15, 2021 at 8:53 PM

When the NHL negotiated the most recent CBA with the players and agreement was made in principal to allow the players to attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics. In this agreement for multiple clauses it would allow the NHL to withdraw their participation.

With today's announcement, that the Ottawa Senators had postponed their next three games due to a COVID-19 outbreak, this triggered the NHL's ability to withdraw.

According to TSN's Frank Servalli the NHL is unlikely to enact this clause over 3 games but when he asked Bill Daly if one game triggered the clause this was his reply:

«Yes, it is one game that triggers the ability to do anything."

The NHL's priority is to finish a full 82 game season and they will not allow the Olympics to get in the way of that. It is also historically documented that the NHL prefers not to be involved in the Olympics, so this opportunity might allow the league an escape from a deal they felt forced to make to save face.

Here's hoping there are no further outbreaks as attending the Olympics in a best on best tournament is what is best for the game of hockey and for the NHL despite what league management may believe.
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