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NHL Issues COVID Booster Notice

Published November 24, 2021 at 7:03 PM

The NHL has officially issued a notice to all its teams about the league stance on the Covid vaccination booster. In this notice, the league states that is currently up to all players whether they choose to obtain the booster shot or not.

Of the major leagues the NHL chose not to app chose not to apply for a special interest exemption when it comes to players entering Canada. This has excluded any non-vaccinated player from entering Canada at this time.

At this time the league has under 4 unvaccinated players the most notable of which is Red Wings' Tyler Bertuzzi.

The NHL will continue to work with the Canadian government and monitor ever changing vaccination rules to ensure compliance with travel rules to ensure players and teams are able to play their home games in their home arenas.

At this time the Canadian government does not require an additional booster shot to be considered fully vaccinated.
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