NHL Insider Confirms The Leafs Explored Trading William Nylander

Published August 29, 2023 at 1:43 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs offseason has been centered around the contract extensions of Auston Matthews and William Nylander. With Matthews signing his extension recently it has put William Nylander under more of a microscope. Recently Elliotte Friedman gave an update on where things stand with the Leafs and Nylander.

Elliotte Friedman Confirms Rumors Surrounding Nylander

In a recent interview with Halford and Brough in the Morning Friedman was asked about William Nylander and his contract situation. Friedman confirmed that the Leafs did explore a potential trade involving Nylander in recent weeks.

«I think the Maple Leafs just decided [to keep him for this year] I think they looked at trading him. I don't think they liked what was out there,» Friedman said. «I mean, he did score 40 goals last year. He's a really talented guy and in the playoffs, he was involved in a couple of their really successful moments against Tampa Bay. I think they know that and recognize that, they didn't like what was out there [in the trade market].»

While Friedman says the organization has decided to keep him for the year this is potentially troubling news. If the Leafs have explored a trade involving Nylander that means they are potentially concerned that a deal may not get done.

Should Fans Be Concerned About Nylander's Situation?

While it is still early in the year the initial signs are not promising. The two sides are reported to be relatively far apart. Add on that the Leafs explored the trade market and it starts to paint a worrying picture.

On top of all this if the trade market is not up to the Leafs' liking now it is only likely to get worse as time ticks away on Nylander's current contract. If Brad Treliving is unable to secure a trade or extension for William Nylander it could be a disastrous start to his tenure as General Manager. Stack this on top of an Auston Matthews deal that many fans are skeptical of and Treliving could be in hot water quickly.

These next few weeks and months will be crucial to shaping the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs. If things go wrong it could spell disaster for the Leafs' contending window.
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NHL Insider Confirms The Leafs Explored Trading William Nylander

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