Montreal Canadiens: What a Mess

Published November 19, 2021 at 3:33 PM

Going into this season I think all Habs fans knew a return to the finals was highly unlikely, but fans were excited. There was definitely a very positive vibe for most of the summer while waiting for this season to begin. Everyone wanted to see Suzuki take the next step, Caufiled come in and light up the net, and Romanov solidify himself as a key player on the back end. Fans watched as Bergevin made some moves to help address the losses of a few key pieces.

I don't think any fan really expected what is currently happening though. Things have gone completely off the rails in Montreal in a way that while we are only 19 games into the season, there isn't much hope at all for this team.

This morning Darren Dreger said on TSN 690 that the Habs are too good of a team to attempt a rebuild. I would say I have to agree at this point. There are contracts on the books that no GM would touch. Carey Price isn't going anywhere, and that alone is enough to push any thoughts of a rebuild away. So, with that in mind, what change will the Habs make, and also when?

The first move that should be made is changing the GM. Marc Bergevin has been with this club for a decade, many fans hate him, and some fans love him. I think in Montreal this will always be the case. It's a pretty thankless job with this fanbase. I also say that as a lifelong Habs fan, so I'm not hating on anyone. But without a contract going forward my opinion is that his job needs to be filled with a new body, someone who will commit long term and steer this team into the future. A fresh vision, and someone who did not sign the current contracts, and who will not have any emotional connections to the players could really help initiate some change.

I don't think a coaching change is likely as that would mean the Habs would be paying 4 coaches all at the same time. Resources are not sparse in this organization, but there are definitely limits. Perhaps bringing in a new associate coach, similar to how Therrien had Muller could help, but again that is an extra cost.

The players are lacking motivation. Watching last night's game against the Penguins was extremely frustrating. On many occasions I watched as 2 Habs stood still with a loose puck in front of them. Neither one wanting to go, and no communication between them. The result was Pittsburgh getting the puck. That particular play happening once is a very bad sign, but I counted it happening 4 times. The Habs need to bring in a leader, who isn't named Carey Price, to help calm the room and refocus the team. Last year signing Corey Perry was an absolutely brilliant move, a player of his quality needs to be brought in quickly.

Ultimately, I think this team should be sellers this season. A full rebuild may not be possible, but a word Habs fans are very familiar with, retool, is certainly needed once again.
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