MAJOR: Andrew Shaw Reveals the Ugly Truth Behind PK Subban's Time in Montreal

Published September 13, 2023 at 7:35 PM

P.K. Subban's Time in Montreal


During his stint in Montreal, P.K. Subban was adored by many, and rightfully so. He stood as one of the top defensemen in the National Hockey League, earning admiration for his enthusiasm on and off the ice with his willingness to weather criticism for his outspokenness.

P.K.'s personality was unmistakably bold, a trait that garnered both rabid supporters and vocal haters. His presence drew attention wherever he went, which often would bring scrutiny.

Andrew Shaw's Criticism


However, Andrew Shaw elevated the discourse when he commented on an Instagram post celebrating Subban's exceptional skills on the ice. The former CH player didn't mince words, asserting that P.K. was "unpopular among his teammates" and insinuating that Subban prioritized personal success over team goals. This becomes even more perplexing when you consider that Shaw and Subban never shared the ice for the same NHL team.


Did this sentiment permeate the entire league?


Nevertheless, Andrew Shaw may not be the ideal spokesperson, given his recent blunder when he suggested that Kyle Beach, a player victimized by a Blackhawks team member, should have avoided the situation and partly bore responsibility for what occurred.

It's uncertain whether NHL players today would welcome Andrew Shaw into their locker rooms. Returning to the subject of P.K., though, it's true that he occupied a substantial presence in the dressing room, likely unsettling a few. But it's a challenge to believe that he genuinely prioritized personal glory over the collective success of his teams. Each time his team scored, he was the first to celebrate with the player who scored, evident in his embraces with Carey Price and the kiss from Andrei Markov after a pivotal playoff goal. These actions make it difficult to accept the notion that "all his teammates" held animosity toward him, as Andrew Shaw has suggested.

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MAJOR: Andrew Shaw Reveals the Ugly Truth Behind PK Subban's Time in Montreal

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