Leafs Face Serious Trouble After Fraud Allegations

Published July 5, 2023 at 7:48 PM

A selection of the debt that the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment are currently facing with the city of Toronto has been made public knowledge, which is reaching very high limits.

Debts Have Gone Unpaid

CBC just released an article today revolving around the topic of the debt that the MLSE are dealing with. The debt totals have skyrocketed to absurdly over $1 million. However, the company has taken charge of this and covered it on their end, but there is still lots to do before this case is resolved.

How The Company Fell Into The Debt

The origination story of the business' debt starts with the BMO Field, home of Toronto FC. The stadium was originally always exempted from taxes, but that has since changed and those taxes have gone unpaid.

As a result, MLSE has now generated over $1 million in debt over the last 5 years and do not fully believe that they should be paying this owed money. We will see how this situation develops and how these missing dues will be paid.

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Credits: CBC News - Twitter
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Leafs Face Serious Trouble After Fraud Allegations

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