Jacob Panetta gets his second chance in the ECHL

Published March 18, 2022 at 10:42 PM

Only 7-weeks ago Jacob Panetta was embroiled in a scandal after Jordan Subban interpreted a gesture performed by Panetta as a racist taunt. Panetta vehemently denied these allegations, but vowed to educate himself to be better in the future.

Well Panetta has now completed his racial sensitivity and inclusion training and in doing so he has officially accepted an offer to re-join the Jacksonville Icemen.

Panetta shared the following comments ahead of his return:

I want to thank the NHL Player Inclusion Committee, the ECHL, the Icemen, and my family for working with and supporting me over the past several months. This has been a positive learning experience for me, and I look forward to sharing what I've learned with my teammates, the game, and our community. I am looking forward to making a positive contribution to the Icemen and the Jacksonville community, on and off the ice.

The Icemen CEO shared his thoughts as well:

We appreciate the support of our partners in the ownership group, our fans, the ECHL, the NHL and the hockey community as we welcome Jacob back to the Icemen. After much time reflecting and meeting with various community leaders and hockey officials, we all have a better understanding and appreciation of how we can all work together to make our game more inclusive both on and off the ice.

Panetta continues to have a positive attitude as he looks to set an example for the community in Jacksonville.

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