Jack Hughes is angry with EA Sports - Refuses to play the new NHL23

Published September 22, 2022 at 4:55 PM
Jack Hughes was the first overall pick by the New Jersey Devils back in 2019. Leading up to that draft, there was rumoured that he was going to be the next generational talent in the National Hockey League.

In his first NHL season, he was rather disappointing, only scoring 21 points in 61 games. He then followed it up in his second year with 31 points in 56 games, which was better but still not what people were hoping from the young talent. But year 3, Hughes shot out of a cannon and dominated in the NHL. Hughes scored 26 goals, 56 points in 49 games and was the only player on the New Jersey Devils that averaged over a point-per-game last season.

Every year, EA Sports comes out with a new NHL game, and it's always a topic of discussion on what a players rating should be, and always becomes an argument between fans on why a player is ranked so low or so high.

Well, Jack Hughes is not happy with what EA Sports ranked him at this year, and now refuses to play the game because of it!

«I know I'm better than an 87. I'm realistic, I know where I am. I'm under 89 but definitely better than 87. That's two years in a row where they had me too low.»

When he was told that his brother Quinn was also an 87 he replied «that's junk too.»

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Jack Hughes is angry with EA Sports - Refuses to play the new NHL23

Is Jack Hughes better than an 87?

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