Boston Bruins reveal jersey logo - Fans are NOT happy - Ugliest yet?

Published September 22, 2022 at 11:50
We have entered a new era in the National Hockey League, the sacred hockey jersey has not been tainted with advertising, and guaranteed over the next few years we will see many more ads to come. It started with helmet ads and it will just be a slippery slope from here on out.

We've been seeing teams release photos of their jersey ads and well, let's just say fans have not been happy about it.

A few days ago the Toronto Maple Leafs released their jersey ad, which to this point has actually been my favourite. The word Milk looks kind of dumb, but the colouring blends in with the jersey and just fits in.

Whereas teams like the Montreal Canadiens have a big RBC patch on the jersey and to me it just looks off and does not fit in well at all.

If the ad blends in and doesn't catch my attention (the opposite of what an ad is supposed to do) I will accept it, like the Maple Leafs, but if it draws my attention away from the teams logo, that it where I begin to have a problem.

The Boston Bruins recently released their jersey ad and it


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Boston Bruins reveal jersey logo - Fans are NOT happy - Ugliest yet?

Will jerseys get more ads?

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