Insider Confirms Surprising Star Goaltender is Available for Trade

Published August 31, 2023 at 11:49

An insider has confirmed that an All-Star goaltender is available for trade at the right price.

Thompson On The Block

Yesterday, insider Eklund of confirmed some massive news regarding Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Logan Thompson.


They have both been quiet for a few weeks, but with September coming this week both are looking to upgrade still with a 1/1A keeperLogan Thompson is available, but will cost you. I would do it thoughI think the Knights are nuts for not making this guy their future.

Thompson was an all-star last season and has quite strong numbers so the fact that he is on the trade block is quite puzzling.

Situation Analysis


Thompson is a unique case. He was undrafted and was forced to work his way up from the ECHL to the NHL and at 25, he made his debut and has established himself as a star in the process.

Last year, he earned an all-star nod as well as having strong numbers of a 2.65 GAA and a .915 sv%. He also makes below the league minimum in salary which is possible because he signed a 3-year deal before the league minimum was raised to $775,000.

All of this in conjunction with Thompson being only 26 makes him quite valuable, so why is he on the trade block?

The answer is rather simple, the Golden Knights committed to Adin Hill by giving him a massive extension and they have Robin Lehner coming back potentially. While it is unsure if Lehner will ever be 100% again, his return would force the Knights to role three goaltenders, and with one being so cheap, it only makes sense to move him out for other assets that could help them now.

As seen on - Sabres and Devils BOTH still with hopes of a goalie.
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Insider Confirms Surprising Star Goaltender is Available for Trade

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