Hall of Famer Publicly Calls Out Mike Babcock

Published September 20, 2023 at 9:41 PM

Coaching in the NHL is an immense privilege. There are only 32 head coaching jobs up for grabs each year and it takes an immense amount of hard work to get one. Recently a now former head coach took advantage of that privilege and lost his opportunity.

Babcock Fired Over Scandal

Mike Babcock was clouded in controversy all this week after reports came out that he was mistreating his players. The specific accusation came from Paul Bissonnette of the Spittin Chiclets Podcast who accused Babcock of looking through players phones to dig up dirt on them.

Mike Babcock has allegedly been asking various Blue Jackets to see their phones then AirPlaying their photos on his office TV.

This led to a statement from Mike Babcock and a few players denying the accusations.

Columbus Blue Jackets Head Coach Mike Babcock and center Boone Jenner have released the following statement:

Eventually, the NHL and NHLPA opened an investigation into Babcock and his conduct. As a result of the investigation Babcock was relieved of his duties and a new head coach was brought in.

In the wake of these events, many different people have given their opinion on the events that led to Babcock's demise. Now a current NHL head coach has added his opinion to the mix.

St. Louis Calls Out Babcock

In a new interview to open up training camp Martin St. Louis commented on the Babcock situation.

Marty St. Louis on Babcock: «You have to evolve as a coach. If you're going to the dentist, are you going to the dentist that's got the 30 yr old equipment, or are you going to the dentist.. you know what I mean? You want to stay in the business, you have to evolve»

As one of the more modern NHL head coaches his comments resonate with a lot of NHL fans. Many fans are tired of the same old recycled head coaches. This leads to the same frustrations over and over with failure due to familiar short comings.

Teams with fresh head coaches are on their way up like the Montreal Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres. They have their coaches and modern style to thank for a large majority of their success.
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Hall of Famer Publicly Calls Out Mike Babcock

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