Berdin, a Goaltender in the Kontinental Hockey League, dropping the gloves with an opponent after a collision.
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Goalie Drops The Glove With Forward After Taking a Massive Hit

Published January 29, 2024 at 5:12 PM

A crazy scene broke out in the KHL after a goalie took a massive hit from a forward and decided enough was enough, dropping his gloves for himself.

Goalie Drops the Gloves After Big Collision in KHL Game

It's not every day you see a goaltender stand up for himself during a hockey game, as usually, the players in front of them are quick to jump to their defense. However, this wasn't the case in a recent KHL game, as Winnipeg Jets prospect Mikhail Berdin decided enough was enough after a big collision.

Take a look at the crazy fight below.

You don't see fights like this every day.

#KHLFight: goalie Mikhail Berdin vs forward Devin Brosseau

Berdin got the best of him, as it almost appears he was taken off guard by Berdin's willingness to drop the gloves and fight.

A Little Too Much Contact For Berdin's Liking During the Play

Something had to cause Berdin to lose his cool during the play, otherwise, this would be a crazy personal move. Right before he decided to drop the gloves, Brosseau came in too hot during a rush and collided with Berdin. This was too much for him.



It's impossible to tell whether or not the collision was intended by Brosseau, though, it probably doesn't matter to Berdin, as he would say that Brosseau needs to be more careful around the net anyway.

Do you think Berdin overreacted to the play?
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Goalie Drops The Glove With Forward After Taking a Massive Hit

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