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Gary Bettman Given Award for ‘[Jerk] of the Year' by LGBTQ+ Outlet

Published December 19, 2023 at 12:24

Gary Bettman was given an award that no one should be proud of receiving by this LGBTQ+ outlet after his poor decisions this year around Pride and the NHL.

Bettman Named [Jerk] Of The Year By Outsports

Gary Bettman has been the NHL's commissioner for 30 years now, and it's safe to say that despite the NHL's success under his reign, he isn't the most popular executive in sports.

Now, Bettman has been named [Jerk] Of the Year by Outsports, a media outlet dedicated to covering sports news regarding the LGBTQ+ community, for his terrible decisions regarding Pride celebrations and the NHL.

Outsports had the following to say about Bettman.

"Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, is the undisputed Outsports A**hole of the Year, for his assault on the LGBTQ community in 2023.

Bettman oversaw one LGBTQ public relations disaster after another this year, and every step he took on behalf of the NHL made the situation worse.

Bettman was declaring war on his own game's equipment and, make no mistake, the LGBTQ community. It was one of the most insane policies a commissioner of a major sport had ever enacted — especially in response to an act of prejudice."- Outsports on Bettman's Handling of LGBTQ+ Movements in the NHL

The decision is centered around Bettman's terrible handling of Pride celebrations in the NHL, and his doubling down on the banning of pride tape after the terrible decision.

NHL Players Go Against Bettman To Show Support for Pride

Luckily, NHL players like Travis Dermott had the guts to stand up to Gary Bettman's terrible decision-making and wore pride tape on their equipment anyway.

All it took was Travis Dermott being that dude and the NHL completely backed down.

NEVER forget how the NHL was threatening to punish players for pride tape. What an embarrassing saga for hockey.

The move, a massive 'screw-you' to Bettman, was the last straw that broke Bettman's back, as he changed his ruling, allowing players to use Pride Tape if they choose to.

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Gary Bettman officially receives 'A**hole of the Year Award' for 2023"
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Gary Bettman Given Award for ‘[Jerk] of the Year' by LGBTQ+ Outlet

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