Gallagher's Fine is another DOPS Failure

Published November 18, 2021 at 3:49 PM

After Brendan Gallagher hit Barclay Goodrow with a late game sucker punch it was pretty clear that there would be some form of supplemental discipline, especially due to how late in the game the punch was thrown.

The NHL responded quickly and issued a $2,500 fine to the Canadiens forward the following morning.

It was surprising that this fine wasn't even the maximum allowable amount for this infraction, but what was even more surprising was the comments made by Gallagher after the fine was issued.

«I kinda' expected (a fine) to come. There are two sides, and there was some acting going on. A lot of players have too much pride to do what he did.»

Now here's my issue with this entire situation and with another failure by the Department of Player Safety. The entire role of this department is to protect the players that play this game and it's obvious they haven't accomplished that. Gallagher clearly stats he expected to he fined for his actions and that alone should speak volumes to the problems in the NHL.

The NHL DOPS has become such a joke that the players are aware they can commit certain infractions with minimal repercussions and at this point some of them are knowingly committing these penalties because the end doesn't justify the means. Sure $2,500 sounds like a lot of money to some people, but to be honest there are people in this world I'd happily pay $2,500 to punch in the face and I don't make anywhere close to the $6,500,000 Gallagher does.

The New York Rangers ownership called for the termination of Georges Parros and ever since Parros has continued to display his ineptitude for the job he was always unqualified for. Until we reach a point where the suspensions and fines justify the actions we will continue to see plays that take time off of players careers due to the lack of respect others have for them.
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