Friedman Reveals San Jose's Shocking Original Ask for Erik Karlsson

Published August 7, 2023 at 8:48 PM

Elliotte Friedman recently reported that the Edmonton Oilers showed interest in Erik Karlsson last season until they heard the price tag.

Karlsson for Picks

Friedman said that the Sharks were originally asking for multiple first round picks for Karlsson last season.

Elliotte Friedman believes the San Jose Sharks originally asked the Edmonton Oilers for «multiple first round picks» when they were interested in Erik Karlsson last season.

Worth it?

Obviously, Edmonton didn't believe that Karlsson was worth the ask. Instead, they acquired Mattias Ekholm, who put up 32 points and was plus 28 last season. This cost them Tyson Barrie, a prospect, a first and a fourth-round pick.


We can now see that Karlsson might not have been worth multiple first-rounders, as the Sharks settled for less to move him, instead taking multiple players as well as a first-rounder in the three-way deal with Pittsburgh and Montreal.

Karlsson will have to show his worth this season with the Penguins, but that may not be difficult for the star defenceman.
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Friedman Reveals San Jose's Shocking Original Ask for Erik Karlsson

Who won the Karlsson trade?

Pittsburgh9255.8 %
San Jose3219.4 %
Montreal4124.8 %
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