Friedman Confirms Erik Karlsson Trade Rumour

Published July 20, 2023 at 1:22

The trade of Erik Karlsson, the three-time Norris winner and probable future Hall-of-Famer, away from San Jose has become an inevitable 'when' rather than an 'if'.

Both Pittsburgh and Carolina are potential landing spots for him, considering their keen interest. Despite his high cost, Karlsson's impact on the game is undeniably substantial.

Destination: Pittsburgh or Carolina?

Earlier reports suggested that Pittsburgh was Karlsson's preferred choice. However, according to renowned sports insider Elliotte Friedman, there's a stiff competition between Pittsburgh and the Carolina Hurricanes for Karlsson's acquisition.

"At times I've had people tell me they think it's more likely that Carolina's going to be destination at other times, including the one most recently, I've had people say to me, no, they kind of think it's tipping a little bit towards Pittsburgh"

With the aggressive pursuit of Kyle Dubas, and the Hurricanes boasting of tradeable assets and significant cap-space, it's the Hurricanes that seem to have the upper hand.

Dynamic Situation

Friedman stated that tracking this story has proven challenging due to its rapidly shifting nature.

"That's the thing about the danger about reporting this, that it seems to change from time-to-time"

It's safe to say that this file will come to a conclusion very soon.
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Friedman Confirms Erik Karlsson Trade Rumour

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