Flyers Defenseman Chooses to Join Military

Published September 26, 2023 at 0:51

Rasmus Ristolainen did not have the typical offseason plan, joining the Finnish military over the summer.

Ristolainen Joined Military In Offseason

According to Flyers Coach John Tortorella, reported by Jamey Baskow of Flyers Nitty Gritty, Rasmus Ristolainen spent his summer completing military service in his native Finland.

Military service in Finland is compulsory, mandatory for all Finnish males at the age of 18, but can be postponed for up to 10 years, where Ristolainen at 28 reached the age limit to avoid compulsory conscription.

According to Tortorella, Ristolainen was unable to commit to Hockey training for the season due to Ristolainen having to focus on his military service. Finnish players, along with all males, are able to fulfill their military duties at any time between the ages of 18-28 with valid reasoning such as being a professional athlete.

Ristolainen, 28, is entering his 3rd season with the Philadelphia Flyers. Ristolainen had 3 Goals and 20 Points in 74 Games for the Flyers last season. Thankfully for Ristolainen, now returned to North America he has the chance to return to focus on Hockey.
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Flyers Defenseman Chooses to Join Military

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