Chicago Blackhawks new GM about to make another idiotic move

July 11, 2022  (12:33)

Over the last week, Kyle Davidson, the newly appointed General Manager of the Chicago Blackhawks has made some interesting moves that people have not been a fan of. His goal is to rebuild the Blackhawks from the ground up and apparently that meant trading away a 24 year over 2 time 40 goal scorer for very little in return.

Now we are learning officially as of this morning, Davidson and the Blackhawks will not be issuing a qualifying offer to Dylan Strome, which would only cost $3.6 million, instead they will let him walk in free agency for absolutely nothing.
Strome had 22 goals 48 points in 69 games last season, a career best for him in goals, and he only just turned 25.
If the Chicago Blackhawks were up against the cap and didn't have time to try and make a trade work for Strome this would make complete sense, but that is not the case at all. Even with the retained amount. from Duncan Keith's retirement, the Blackhawks have $15,290,705 in cap space, which gives them plenty of room to retain Strome and try and trade him.
So, first he trades Debrincat for far under value, then he trades away a 21 year old former third overall pick, and now he is letting a 22 goal almost 50 point scorer who is 25 years old walk away for nothing. Are any of these moves making sense to you?
This move even caught a veteran Blackhawks reporter Mark Lazerus off guard:
Strome averaged nearly a point a game over the second half of the season as the No. 1 center between DeBrincat and Kane. His QO would have been $3.6 million.

Tanking is a scourge on pro sports and should not be rewarded. Not that they were first to do it, but the Cubs winning the World Series seemed to kick it into overdrive. Gave everyone else cover to do the same.

It's hard to believe that a young center who produced like that last season that the Blackhawks could not find a trade partner. Even if all they could come up with was a low draft pick, thats better than nothing, especially if Davidson's goal is to rebuild through the draft from scratch.
Nothing this GM has done since officially taking over has made sense.
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Chicago Blackhawks new GM about to make another idiotic move

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