Carey Price's Wife Ends Massive Rumour Around His Career

Published July 27, 2023 at 12:06

Price Done with the Canadiens?

Since the Montreal Canadiens lost in the Stanley Cup finals of 2021, Carey Price hasn't been the same.

He joined the NHL's Player Assistance Program and has tried to come back in the game, in vain.

He's been on the LTIR since then, and everything indicates that his career is over.

However, there's been some rumors out there that say he'll occupy other functions within the organization.

His wife, Angela Price, talked about those rumors on Instagram.

Angela Price Opens Up

A fan asked her the following question:

"Are you going back to MTL next season with Carey's position with the Canadiens if that is true information?"

Here's what Angela answered:

"I had to hit up Twitter to see what this was about.

From what I read, someone mentioned they wouldn't be surprised if Carey took a role with the Habs in the future. So just speculation. Carey's still under contract for three more years."

Angela Price

There you have it! It's only speculation for now.


She didn't close any doors, stating that there are three years left on his contract, and he could be open to work with the Habs after.

We can't wait to see what the future looks like for Carey Price!

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Angela Price breaks the silence on major rumour surrounding Price
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Carey Price's Wife Ends Massive Rumour Around His Career

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