Can the Curse of Saint Patrick be broken?

Published November 30, 2021 at 10:12 PM

The last time the Montreal Canadiens won a Stanley Cup it was with "Sain" Patrick between the pipes. Fast forward 3 years and the eventual divorce between Patrick Roy and the Canadiens was not a pretty one. Everyone knows the story, nine goals, blah blah blah.

Since then the Canadiens haven't been able to get over the hump and win that coveted next Stanley Cup banner.

Well it appears that Saint Patrick might be offering the Canadiens a way to break the curse. Today Roy threw his hat into the ring for the open General Managers job in Montreal.

Today Roy issued the following statement:

"Since 1993, the team has been running in circles. What do they have to lose by giving me the chance to see what I can do with this club? At the same time, I understand the situation. The club is owned by Geoff Molson and he's the one pulling the strings. It's his team and at the end of the day I might not be the guy for him. I accept that."

So maybe he's not offering to solve the problem, but he's surely offering a "how bad could it be?" Which after years of suffering might not be so bad, but the Habs are a year removed from a Cup Finals appearance.
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