Brad Marchand Goes Viral After Getting Tackled By A Referee

Published December 8, 2023 at 4:07 PM

In a hilarious sequence last night, Bruins Captain Brad Marchand went viral after he was tackled by a referee when trying to reengage in a scrum after the whistle.

Marchand Stirred The Pot a Bit Too Much And Was Tackled For It

Brad Marchand is well known for being a pest in the NHL, and it seems the referees have taken note of it as well. During last night's Bruins' game, Marchand was up to his usual antics, trying to cause some drama.

When he went to reengage and start a scrum, the referee did everything in their power to prevent him from getting there. This included a full tackle to the ice to prevent him from starting something.

Garbage from Marchand.

Daily reminder that Brad Marchand is a punk #LetsGoBuffalo⚔️

Marchand And Bruins Fall To Sabres

It could be that Brad Marchand was just upset at how the game was going, as the red-hot Bruins aren't used to losing much this year. Last night was a different story, though, as the Buffalo Sabres took them down 3-1.

Tage Thompson is back 🚀

Absolute missile of a one-timer past Ullmark to give the Sabres a 2-0 lead.

Marchand was able to score the lone goal for the Bruins, but that was not enough to get the win. The Bruins and Sabres will have their rematch later this month on December 27th, and Marchand is likely praying that the same referee is not working that night.
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Brad Marchand Goes Viral After Getting Tackled By A Referee

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