BREAKING: The NHL Finally Announces The Future Of Milan Lucic

Published November 21, 2023 at 8:51 PM
Today the NHL finally gave an update on their plans for Milan Lucic's future after his arrest.

NHL Finally Announces
The Future of Lucic

The NHL made a major announcement tonight in regard to Milan Lucic. Earlier today Lucic was arraigned after the domestic incident he was arrested for on Friday. Lucic was ordered to stay away from alcohol and prohibited from any further actions against his wife.

After this was announced the NHL decided to hand their ruling down as well. It has been announced that Lucic will enter the Player Assistance Program.

Milan Lucic will be entering the NHL/NHLPA Player assistance program while he remains in indefinite leave from Bruins

This program was set up to help players experience mental health crises as well as substance abuse problems. With Lucic's arrest allegedly involving alcohol, this seemed like a logical step.

Lucic will next be in court on January 24th we likely will not hear much from this situation until then. The legal process will likely have a heavy determination of if and when Lucic is allowed to return to the NHL.

As always when new information develops we will provide it to you.
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BREAKING: The NHL Finally Announces The Future Of Milan Lucic

Will Milan Lucic return to the NHL after he leaves the Player Assistance Program?

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