BREAKING: Russia Begins Their Boycott of International Hockey Ruling

Published September 1, 2023 at 2:20 PM

KHL side CSKA has begun their boycott of a recent IIHF ruling causing controversy.

CSKA Playing Fedotov

The KHL has made it clear that they will be disregarding the IIHF's suspension of goaltender Ivan Fedotov and CSKA will be starting him as their goaltender tonight.

If you have not been following the Ivan Fedotov situation here is a quick recap.

1) Fedotov signed a contract with the Flyers.

2) He followed it up by signing a contract with CSKA which is not allowed

3) IIHF deemed Fedotov's contract with the Flyers valid and suspended him from September 1st to December 31st.

4) CSKA was banned from making international transfers for 1 year.

5) Today, Fedotov will be playing which means CSKA is disregarding the suspension and boycotting the IIHF

With Fedotov playing, we will now watch what the IIHF's response will be and if they will place further bans on the KHL and Russia.

As of right now, Russia is banned from IIHF international competitions due to the Ukraine war.
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BREAKING: Russia Begins Their Boycott of International Hockey Ruling

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