BREAKING: Police Announce An Arrest Following Adam Johnson's Passing

Published November 14, 2023 at 2:04 PM
New reports have confirmed major updates in the investigation into the death of Adam Johnson.

Police Announce An Arrest Following Johnson's Passing

Today multiple reports have confirmed that an arrest has been made in connection with Adam Johnson's passing.

Police investigating the death of former NHL player Adam Johnson have reportedly arrested a man «on suspicion of manslaughter.»

Some sources have not confirmed who was arrested but a few sources have been able to confirm that Matt Petgrave the other player from the tragedy that day is the one who has been arrested.

BREAKING — British Police have arrested Hockey player Matt Petgrave and charged with him with manslaughter in death of Adam Johnson — developing

The British court system has a more private way of handling things so details might not be as publicly available as they would if this happened in North America.

This event will continue to go on as a polarizing one. The debate over the intentionality of the acts from Petgrave flooded the internet for weeks after Johnson's passing.
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BREAKING: Police Announce An Arrest Following Adam Johnson's Passing

R.I.P. Adam Johnson

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