BREAKING: PK Subban signs multi-year job to return to NHL

Published November 10, 2022 at 12:37

This past offseason, PK Subban decided if he couldn't play for one of the two teams of his choosing he would hang up his skates for good.

Those two teams were the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. Despite both teams having some issues on the backend, neither team were interested in Subban, so at the end of August, he officially announced his retirement from the National Hockey League at the young age of 33.

PK has his own show coming out in 2023, but while before that airs, he just found himself a new job with ESPN.

Just this morning Subban announced on his Twitter account that he has joined ESPN as an NHL Analyst. Subban has had this role in previous years during the playoffs, which is where fans realized how good he would be on TV. No it wasn't his performance on Jackass Forever that made us think that.

Subban has done very well as an analysis on TV and is often praised for the charisma he brings to the screen.

Could he be charismatic enough to be the next Don Cherry and make his own Coaches Corner? Would you tune in for that?
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BREAKING: PK Subban signs multi-year job to return to NHL

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