BREAKING: Boston Bruins CANNOT terminate Mitchell Miller's contract - Send him to AHL

Published November 9, 2022 at 3:45 PM

It's been less than a week since the Boston Bruins made the controversial decision to sign Mitchell Miller to an entry level contract. It took only until Sunday for the Bruins to have enough of the negative media and learning of lies to want to terminate his contract.

His deal was signed on the Friday and it didn't take long for NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman to make an announcement that Miller would be ineligible to play, but despite this announcement, the contract was signed and registered.

After the announcement Sunday night, President of the Boston Bruins Cam Neely made himself available to the media and let everyone know that the Bruins would be officially terminating the contract of Miller.

Unfortunately for them though, that is easier said than done. The contract was made official, so the only way to get this contract terminated would be through mutual agreement, which Miller obviously wont agree to.

So due to this, the Bruins have sent Miller to their AHL franchise, the Providence Bruins.

According to NHL Insider Greg Wyshynski, the Bruins have some options they could look at for getting rid of Miller:

The Bruins could simply decide to pay Miller to stay home for this season and then buy him out at the end of the year for one-third of his NHL salary. According to Cap Friendly, his NHL case salary is $750,000, with $95,000 in signing bonus money and a maximum of $105,000 in performance bonuses for the 2022-23 season.

The Bruins could work with Miller, agent Eustace King and the NHLPA on a settlement that would allow him to become a free agent. While Miller is in the AHL, this would fall under NHLPA jurisdiction.

The Bruins or the NHL could seek to terminate the contract because of Miller's history. The collective bargaining agreement gives commissioner Gary Bettman powers to expel a player from the NHL, for example. But a source told ESPN that the NHLPA would be expected to file a grievance in this case. The same goes for any kind of multiyear suspension to essentially nullify the contract.

This is just one hot mess.

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BREAKING: Boston Bruins CANNOT terminate Mitchell Miller's contract - Send him to AHL

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