Arizona Coyotes are a Laughing Stock and their Latest Move Proves it

Published July 31, 2023 at 12:39

Laughing Stock

The Arizona Coyotes have become a subject of mockery in the NHL. Ever since they lost their venue and had to move to the Mullet Arena, everyone seems to realize they are ridiculous.

Let's face it; they've been terrible in recent years.

Their latest move only highlights their struggles.

Bill Armstrong, the Coyotes GM, signed Jack McBain to a two-year deal.

It was said that he'd earn $1.6M annually, but Elliotte Friedman revealed the real number.

A Ridiculous Deal

The Coyotes and McBain reached a deal before going into salary arbitration.

He signed for $1,599,999, just a dollar under $1.6M.

The player probably settled for a dollar less just to make the deal happen. The real joke is coming from the Coyotes if they insisted on paying him less than $1.6M and removed a dollar just so their own terms are respected.

It really looks like the Coyotes acted childishly, and it reinforces their reputation as the NHL's laughing stock.

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Arizona Coyotes are a Laughing Stock and their Latest Move Proves it

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